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Small Olive Wood Ocean Wave Cheese Board

Small Olive Wood Ocean Wave Cheese Board

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Beautiful and rustic natural Olive wood serving board with organic live edges. These stunning, one-of-a-kind cheese/charcuterie boards have a unique hand-crafted ocean wave design made of resin. These top-notch, and functional boards with beautiful ocean design ensure that you can thoughtfully present these as gifts to your loved ones.

Each board has been coated with a food-safe blend of oil and beeswax.

Please note that each board is unique, the photos are referenced, and your board will look different because of variations in the wood grain, other natural features of Olive wood, and the epoxy waves design.


Explore the charm of our Olive boards, each as unique as the trees they're crafted from. These boards showcase their natural beauty with distinct wood grain patterns. No two boards are the same in shape, color, or size. Some have gentle curves, while others vary in shade and width. Despite their differences, each board is a standout piece that's sure to spark conversations. Add a touch of nature's artistry to your space with our one-of-a-kind Olive boards.

  • The ocean wave design is meticulously handcrafted, and each board gets a unique design representing the ocean.

  • Each board is as unique as the trees they're cut from, with unique patterns, grain, and live edges.

  • The Olive wood has been chosen for its strength and beauty qualities, ensuring it stands the test of time. You can use this board for both chopping and serving your delicious food

  • The board has been made using only one piece of wood, which protects it from warping and bending over time.

  • The resin art has been made using only the finest materials, protecting it from aging and deteriorating through time. These pieces will be beautiful forever!

  • Unique! Each cheese board has been handmade. Your board will truly be a piece of original art and the only one in existence.


Please note that due to the organic nature of Olive wood, the sizes are approximate. Each board will vary in size slightly.

Length approx. 14 - 16 inches (36 - 40 cm) (with handle)
Width approx. 6 - 9 inches (16 - 23 cm) 
Height approx. 0.75 inch (2 cm)

Materials: Olive Wood, Epoxy Resin, Food safe oil, Food safe wax


  • Wash your cheese board with soap and warm running water.

  • After washing the board, dry immediately with a towel and let it air dry standing up or on a raised rack with airflow.

  • Use Olive oil or food-grade mineral oil, hemp oil, or flaxseed oil to protect your board and keep it looking beautiful! You should do this every now and then so that the wood does not dry out and maintain its beautiful grain.

  • Use food-grade wax if you want a little extra protection in addition to oil. The wax will protect the board from moisture.

  • Do not cut the resin or scratch it. Do not wash the board in a dishwasher.

  • If your board gets dry and the pattern starts to fade, don't worry! Just rub some food grade oil on it and it will be back to its glory!


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